Preparing Our Students for the Real World

As we all know our main focuses as educators recently has been preparing our students for the test. Although we are preparing our students we have to think is this really preparing our students for the real world? In order to prepare many teachers are talking and/or lecturing their students so that they can do well; they are also having them memorize the majority of the material which results in them typically learning it long enough to take the test then forget everything they have learned in the process. Students are learning new skills thanks to technology and even their higher order thinking has changed. We now need to prepare our students for the technology based world of today and in order to do so we have to focus on their needs. Below I have created a chart explaining the new skills taught to students and another to demonstrate the change in higher order thinking.

New Basic Skills


Sites that also help promote higher level thinking can be found at:

(which gives examples of activities teachers can do with students)

(a you tube video discussing Bloom’s taxonomy with softchalk).


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