Cell Phones in School…Good Idea?

One of the most important tools to our students today, especially to our middle and high schools students, is you guessed it the cell phone. However, there has been a lot of controversy about whether this tools should be allowed in schools. Cell phones allow for a great window of opportunity to our students, they allow them to communicate and find information quickly. These are a 21st century tool that they will be able to use well passed their school days and into their careers. Although teachers worry about students doing things on their phones during class that are inappropriate, why not have them do things on their phones that relate to class. Programs now allow for students to participate in quizzes and polls simply by texting the answer to a certain number. There are great possibilities when it comes to cell phone use we as teachers just need to find ways that work for both us and our students.

I was able to find quite a few websites that pertain to cell phone usage in schools. They’re pretty cool, check them out if you have a chance!


(Is a scholastic website that discusses why they feel the cell phone ban should be lifted with some great points and an example of teachers attempting to use cell phones within the classroom.)


(Gives a list cell phone use strategies and how to solve common problems within the classroom with cell phone use.)


(Is an article about the percentages of schools that ban cell phones and also how teachers are using cell phones within their classrooms.)


(An article that discusses cell phone use and tips given by teachers that use them within the classroom.)


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