Technology and Collaboration

Collaboration is becoming more important in the working world today. However, collaboration isn’t necessarily the same as it used to be. In order for us to now prepare our students for the working world we have to rely on teaching them more technology based ways to incorporate technology. Students have to be able to work with others even when they aren’t in the same place to work on the project. In my technology reading this week it stated that, “Students need to learn communication skills required to make a virtual work group function.” and “They must learn how to plan joint work, to negotiate the distribution of work between members, and to resolve conflicts.” (pg 109, Understanding the Digital Generation, Jukes, McCain, Crockett) We as educators also must learn to do this as well so that we can help our students.

I few sites I found to help teachers when it comes to collaboration:

(This website has tips for new teachers that helps them teach collaborative skills to the digital generation.)

(A great PDF website that focuses on teaching collaboration skills to students.)


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