Communicating Visually

Our world is now communicating visually instead of strictly through text. This has its pro’s and con’s. Over time new technology has helped play a huge role in this discovery. The web has played one of the biggest parts in this new communication; it has allowed for more graphics to be shown rather than just text. A study has been shown that 1/3 of our brains is devoted to processing images where as less than that makes us processing text. So what’s the down fall you may ask? Traditional reading is on the decline. Students no longer feel that reading for entertainment is important when they have all these other things competing with it. We as educators are going to have to find new fun ways to bring the love back into reading again before it ceases to exist but we also must remember to teach our students visually.

A few good websites that relate to communicating visually can be found at:

(Is a great website I found that gives some awesome ideas for getting teens more interested in reading)

(Another great site that helps teacher get ideas on how to help students visualize while reading.)


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