Technology Help with Common Core Standards

As the standards have just recently changed for Kentucky teachers are struggling to get used to the new standards or having trouble understanding them. Technology gives us many great sources especially through the web in order to help teachers with the standards. While researching resources for common core and technology I was able to find two great websites that I found to be incredibly useful when helping teachers with the common core that also involve technology.

This site gives a list and description of 10 website resources that teachers can use to help them with common core.

This site gives 50 different web resources that teachers can use. It is a very organized blog that gives different sites into sections. It gives other blogs to look at, tools, developments, and much more!

I also wanted to mention that there is an iPhone app on my phone that you can get for both your iPhone and iPad that lists all of the common core standards. I find it very handy when I’m writing lessons and want to quickly look up a standard. You can purchase it on itunes, .

Kentucky schools have also began implementing CIITS, Continuous Instruction Improvement Technology System. This program allows teachers to plan their lessons and also includes the common core standards.

If you have any helpful resources that you know please list them in the comment box, I would love to read your ideas or suggestions!!