Getting to Know Our Digital Generation

We as teachers have quickly realized our students are becoming more attached to technology. Through my technology class this week it has informed me that our students’ brains are now wired differently thanks to their use of technology. We now realize that are students are by far more capable of multitasking and doing many things at once, for example they can listen to music while doing homework and still receive a good grade. As educators we have to remember that we can no longer reach our students by just having them learn to read, write, and do arithmetic, it will no longer prepare them for our world today.

We also need to realize that having too much technology can cause technology bombardment so we as teachers also need to present the importance of reading and doing other activities with our students so that they don’t completely rely on technology for everything. Although technology is very important in our lives so are other things.

Some websites that are useful in informing you about technology bombardment can be found at:

(The above site discusses how the digital generation have differently wired brains.)

(This site includes a video on how to understand the digital generation.)


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